Thu 25 Apr 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

Fabrizio Romano has just dropped huge news around Bruno Guimaraes' release clause

Fabrizio Romano has just dropped huge news around Bruno Guimaraes' release clause
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Newcastle United fans have been panicking over the inclusion of the £100million release clause in Bruno Guimaraes' contract since it was announced.

The thought that the Magpies could potentially have no way of stopping their star player from moving if someone activated the clause has been playing on the minds of Newcastle fans ever since the new contract was announced.

Since Bruno signed up again with Newcastle more details keep coming out about the clause with it not being available to Premier League sides being a huge relief to fans.

Now, Fabrizio Romano has provided a further update that fans are going to love.


The clause has a ticking clock. It becomes active in the last week of May to the last week in June, meaning if any club is serious about activating it, they only have a month to do so.

After that, Newcastle are back in control of the asking price and negotiations.

Given how few clubs could realistically afford to activate the release clause in the first place this is massive news. Especially as the clause expires before the end of this Financial Fair Play reporting year, so only a club that still has £100million headroom in their budget can activate it, which we're guessing is none, maybe just Paris Saint-Germain, which again, we don't see happening as Bruno only has eyes for Spain after Newcastle.


When you also consider that Bruno has just bought himself a new home in Darras Hall, we can pretty much rule out a move this summer now, unless someone comes in with a mega-bucks offer after the fact that Newcastle simply can't refuse.

In that case, would we even mind? It would have to be well above £100million, in which case, the amount of headroom that would create for Newcastle to spend, we'd only miss him for a few weeks until we signed a ridiculous replacement.

In an ideal world, that won't happen though as we're more than happy with Bruno at the heart of our team and now we are more confident than ever that he's staying put.