Tue 9 Jan 2024, 19:35 · Ash Harrison

'Embarrassing': Richard Keys now slams Newcastle's 'crass' stunt at the Stadium of Light

'Embarrassing': Richard Keys now slams Newcastle's 'crass' stunt at the Stadium of Light
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Newcastle United got their first derby win in 13 years on Saturday and in Toon tradition took a squad photo celebrating the victory.

The difference this time was that the players and staff opted to take that photo on the pitch in front of the 6000 travelling fans. It was a move designed to rub it in to the Mackem fanbase and boy did it work.

It worked so well in fact, that pundits who have never lived in the area, don't know how the Tyne-Wear rivalry works and frankly are joyless human being have all said their piece on the move too.

Oh look, Richard Keys has something to say

It wasn't all negative, some pundits were in on the joke, but so many have condemned Newcastle for it and now, Richard Keys, a man who needs no introduction to Newcastle fans has had his say on the matter.

Serena Taylor/Newcastle United
Quick, call the Fun Police

We all know that Keys' opinion on anything Newcastle-related is worth about as much as a Zimbabwean dollar and yet his persists.

This time writing in his blog that Newcastle hit below the belt with their full-time stunt.

“And come on Newcastle. That picture on the pitch at Sunderland was embarrassing.

“Save it until you end the trophy drought. It was crass - inflaming the home crowd and making yourselves look daft at the same time.”

Mate, you stick to worrying about Coventry and let us do the Tyne/Wear rivalry stuff, eh?

Some people just don't get it

We all know that had Sunderland won they'd have done something equally belittling to rub it in, that's the way it works and that's what makes the fixture so spicy.

The Mackems still bang on about six in a row and they've been two leagues below us for years. The competition these fixtures take place in doesn't matter, the fact that it was the third round also doesn't matter. If it was a pre-season friendly we'd still have done something like this.

Get back in your box, Richard.