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'Definitely motivated': Eddie Howe now shares what drives him to succeed on a daily basis

'Definitely motivated': Eddie Howe now shares what drives him to succeed on a daily basis
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Ever since Eddie Howe took his first training session at Newcastle United it was clear that the easy ride at the club was over.

"Intensity is our identity" is the phrase that Howe has drilled into his Newcastle players and he's always shown that in training and on the pitch too - sometimes to our detriment.

Regardless, it's that drive and determination that dragged Newcastle away from certain relegation one season to Champions League qualifiers the next.

It takes a special kind of personality to have that kind of motivation and know how to harness it properly.


Eddie Howe has always been determined

Eddie Howe spoke to the Premier League for their YouTube channel and offered up his "Life advice" essentially asking about aspects of his life inside and outside of football. When he was asked about his motivation, Howe explained what it was that drives him on.

"I'm definitely motivated to try and be the best manager, coach, friend, person that I can be to my players.

"I've always had, since I was young, this part of my brain that is always pushing and trying to grow and improve and learn. It's always been part of my character and I hope I never lose that."

Bring back 2021/22 Eddie Howe

We could certainly use some of that Eddie Howe determination for the remaining 10 games of the season.

Injuries, suspensions and sheer bad luck of been key factors in things not quite going to plan for Eddie Howe this season, but with just 10 games to go, Newcastle are still in with a shout of qualifying for Europe for the second season in a row, albeit more likely to be the Europa Conference League.

We need 2021/22 Eddie Howe, the man who dragged Newcastle by the scruff off the neck out of the relegation zone and to within a whisker of a top-half finish.