Fri 1 Mar 2024, 15:59 · Ash Harrison

Crystal Palace co-owner John Textor has spoken out about the inequality brought about by FFP

Crystal Palace co-owner John Textor has spoken out about the inequality brought about by FFP
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Financial Fair Play is the biggest thing affecting modern football right now as it is a rule that is not fit for purpose.

Unless, that is, your purpose is to protect the Premier League's "big six", that being Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool. Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. Those six clubs have revenue streams that absolutely dwarf those of the other 14 clubs in the league, and that's the way they want to keep it.

Newcastle United have the richest owners in world football but still lag so far behind these sides that it's going to take years and years to catch them up due to the restrictions in place under Financial Fair Play/Profit and Sustainability rules.

Newcastle United are being crippled by current FFP regulations

Our beloved club is hamstrung by the financial mismanagement by the previous owners. Failure to properly market the club, poor sponsorship deals and farming out the merchandising rights all led to the club barely generating money. The plus side is the club hardly lost any money either. However, because of the measly balance sheet, the current regime are already hitting their heads on the FFP ceiling before they've even got started.

We aren't saying Newcastle, or indeed any club, should be allowed to go mental like Chelsea and Manchester City did before the regulation came into effect, but there should be allowances made for clubs that can spend beyond their means and not face any threat of going out of business. Newcastle's spending could potentially be limitless if our owners wished it to be.

There is set to be a review of FFP/PSR, but the proposals don't make things any better for the so-called smaller clubs, and now, Newcastle United have a new ally in the fight as John Textor, co-owner of Crystal Palace has gone on a rant about the rules.

'Financial Fair Play is a fraud of a term'

“Financial fair play is a fraud of a term, to say it’s about sustainability. Sustainability should be about the quality of your balance sheet, not ratios against your profit and loss. There’s nobody that actually thinks that makes sense.

“We have got three billionaires in our ownership group (at Palace), maybe more. We’re not allowed to spend at the level of teams that are in the top six.”

It's about time we saw more clubs openly speaking out about the blatant gatekeeping around the 'big six' the Premier League is either complicit in, or too terrified to do anything about because of the European Super League threat.

Whatever it is, it suggests that the Premier League in its current guise is not fit for purpose. There is no way a cluster of clubs should yield more power than the majority in the league. Every club should have just as much say in things without feeling pressured by one of the "bigger boys".

The sooner FFP is scrapped, the better. Let the grown-ups spend their money however they want, and if that buckles their club then that's something they will have to deal with.