Mon 9 Oct 2023, 15:16 · Ash Harrison

Castore aren’t endearing themselves to Newcastle fans with their latest offerings

Castore aren’t endearing themselves to Newcastle fans with their latest offerings
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Castore are in their final season as Newcastle United's official kit supplier with German outfit adidas set to return to the fold at the start of next season.

Judging by the online store, it looks like Castore aren't going down without a fight. And by fight I mean gouging Newcastle fans for every last penny while they can.

Ahead of the Champions League game against AC Milan the players were seen sporting new training gear which was black with flourescent blue and pink-ish lines representing the iconic St James' Park. The design, as is often the case with Castore in fairness, is stunning and fans were immediately hoping that they could get their hands on the training wear.

Now that the apparel has hit the website, there's been a sudden shift in attitude from the buying side given the astronomical prices being put on the kit.

A zip-up training jacket, black down the centre with the design on the sleeves is on sale on the official site for a whopping £125

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Remember, this is training gear. It's not an official replica kit, match worn by Joelinton and signed by the entire squad, it's a training jacket.

Castore have history of releasing kits for fun in the middle of the season. The anniversary kit that came out the other year that looked like your Nan's curtains and the blue landscape shirt that got promoted from training kit to match kit after it was worn once due to a kit-clash.

It wouldn't be too bad if their pricing was in-line with other clubs, or if the quality stood the test of time, but fans have been lucky to get an entire season out of their Castore gear.

I could go on, I've not even touched on their customer service yet, but I don't want to burst a blood vessel so I'll leave it.

Come back down to reality, Castore, please. You've done nothing to earn the right to charge that much.