Wed 14 Feb 2024, 18:29 · Ash Harrison

Callum Wilson absent from training photos as striker faces battle to be fit for Bournemouth

Callum Wilson absent from training photos as striker faces battle to be fit for Bournemouth
Serena Taylor via Getty Images
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Newcastle United put out a gallery of pictures from today's training session in which there was one notable absence.

Callum Wilson, who went off the pitch after the win against Nottingham Forest with his arm in a makeshift sling, has reportedly damaged his pectoral muscle and is a big doubt for the reunion with his former club, Bournemouth.

It's hardly even a surprise at this point given that Wilson always seems to miss out on playing against his former club having only faced Bournemouth once since he joined Newcastle. That was in the Carabao Cup in the 2022/23 season.

At this point it can't surely just be a coincidence, can it? (It is, we're not actually suggesting Wilson is faking injuries to avoid playing Bournemouth).

Bruno Guimaraes
Serena Taylor via Newcastle United
Same only Bruno, always smiling

The training galleries can often be a good indicator of who will feature in the upcoming fixture, but the club are getting very good at not posting images of players who are not expected to play so they can unleash a surprise on their opponents.

Another thing to note is that it's only Wednesday. There are still a few more sessions ahead of the clash with the Cherries on Saturday that could see Callum Wilson involved.

Bruno Guimaraes is in good spirits in training as always

One man who looks to be in good spirits, as always, is Bruno Guimaraes who's almost traditional big grin and thumbs up closes out the gallery on the NUFC website.

Coming off the back of a Player of the Match performance in which he scored two goals, it's little wonder Bruno is smiling. Let's just hope he carries his form over into Saturday.

Fingers crossed Callum Wilson's boob feels okay by the weekend too otherwise we'll be going out there without a striker again, which is becoming a bit old this season.