Sun 11 Feb 2024, 12:59 · Ash Harrison

Bruno Guimaraes says he was 'not 100%' yesterday and almost didn't play against Forest

Bruno Guimaraes says he was 'not 100%' yesterday and almost didn't play against Forest
Bradley Collyer via PA
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Sometimes the stars just align and things end up going right and yesterday was one of those days for Newcastle United.

Not only did the Magpies escape a penalty decision that could easily have been given, but Newcastle then went on to win the game thanks in no small part to Bruno Guimaraes.

The Brazilian had one of his better games in recent memory and came away with two goals, the second of which sealed the three points for the Magpies.

Bruno almost got himself a two-match ban after scoring his second

He came really close to picking up his 10th yellow card of the season when he went over to the crowd to celebrate but managed to reel himself in before the card was brandished.

It turns out, however, that Bruno almost didn't make the game at all after being ill throughout the week as he told NUFC TV.

"Today was special for me because in the week I had been sick and I wasn't 100% to play the game, but to play the game to score two goals and help the team, it was very big for me.

"I had fever, diarrhoea, it was not too good. I don't know how I played 90 minutes to be honest, I was very tired and had cramps everywhere."

If this was Bruno not at 100% then we can't wait until he's fully fit again

The second part of that quote might have been a bit TMI, but really I just wanted to point out the fact that Bruno couldn't speak English when he came here two years ago and now he's doing full interviews in English and using words like diarrhoea. That's pretty impressive.

We thank Bruno for his service and for putting himself out there despite not feeling great, that's the kind of commitment we like to see, and to manage to bag two goals and pick up player of the match. There's just no doubting this man's quality.

Bruno also fielded more questions on his future at Newcastle and yet again he reiterated his desire to stay and bring silverware to this club he's fallen in love with.