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'A bit sad': £13m Newcastle star admits that Australia trip was emotional as goodbyes were said in the group

'A bit sad': £13m Newcastle star admits that Australia trip was emotional as goodbyes were said in the group
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Newcastle United's season is officially over following the post-Premier League trip to Australia and while that trip has been criticised, the players took full advantage.

The post-season games on the other side of the globe have been hammered in the media. They courted plenty of criticism before the team flew out, but have come in for even more after the games were played, particularly the second game in which Eddie Howe fielded a team of kids.

However, the players who took part in the trip took advantage of their time down under, spending plenty of time together as a group before going their separate ways for the off-season, and in some cases, beyond that.

The lads knew there were a few players in that squad who wouldn't be returning next season, and others who were likely not to return too, so they made sure to have a good time together while they could.

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BDB admits he gets sad at the end of the season

Dan Burn is hoping for more good luck next season

Speaking to The Chronicle, Newcastle's £13million signing from Brighton, Dan Burn reflected on the trip and gave an insight into the end-of-season emotions.

"At the end of a season I am always sad. Because you know that is the last time you will play with that particular group. You know that there will be a couple of comings and goings. So you are always a bit sad.

"It will be nice to have a break now and hopefully build on the squad. If we'd had everybody fit this season, like we did in that opening game against Aston Villa when we won 5-1, it could have been a lot different. Hopefully next season we will have a bit more luck really.

"I think we have a group that are together here and this shows it. This is probably the best squad I have ever played with because of that togetherness.

"We went all that way to Australia and travelled 10,000 miles together but still wanted to do things as a group Down Under. That is testament to this group really and what it epitomises."

Personality is a huge part of Eddie Howe's recruitment criteria

The togetherness in the group has been a huge part of what's gone right for the club since Eddie Howe came in. Not that the players were necessarily disjointed before his arrival, but there's definitely more of a feeling of togetherness now that Howe has weeded out the players who aren't willing to put in the work.

A player's personality is a huge thing to consider when making a signing and Howe has said that if someone isn't willing to be 100% committed to what he wants them to do, then they won't make it at the club.

That's why when stories appear linking us to the likes of Hugo Ekitike again, we see right through them as he has proven that he doesn't have the attitude to be successful under Howe. In fact, that's why our move for Anthony Gordon was such a shock because he gave off that vibe too. How wrong we were. Thankfully.