Thu 23 May 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

'You bleeding fool': Simon Jordan goes off on brilliant rant about Dan Ashworth's current predicament

'You bleeding fool': Simon Jordan goes off on brilliant rant about Dan Ashworth's current predicament
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Dan Ashworth has his enormous spade in his hand in his garden and is digging a hole for himself that he may never get out of.

Stuck on gardening leave after telling Newcastle United he wants to go work for Sir Jim Ratcliffe at Manchester United, Dan Ashworth is trying every which way he can to get out of his contractual obligation.

Unfortunately for him, Newcastle have him by the short and curlies, and now even more so after recent emails came to light.

Speaking about gardening leave as a thing, talkSPORT's Simon Jordan got very animated today insisting that it is a normal practice in big business and Manchester United are just spitting their dummy out because they aren't getting what they want.


Simon Jordan didn't hold back when discussing Dan Ashworth

He then goes on to call Dan Ashworth a fool for trying to get out of the contract that he signed, reminding him that a contract works both ways.

"What did you sign the contract for you bleeding fool? This is the guy that's going to sign players on contracts. This guy signs a contract. He can read, I assume. I'm assuming he knows what he signed for."

Jordan stated that he believes Newcastle are well within their rights to demand what they are of Manchester United for trying to take one of their most prominent board members.


Newcastle may be about to lodge formal complaints against Ashworth

Meanwhile, it looks as though Newcastle are going to go after Dan Ashworth for the emails that were exposed by the Daily Mail.

An account on X (@NUFCWill1892) has claimed that the Magpies are set to complain to the FA and The Premier League over Ashworth's conduct and deceit around the emails. It's not coming from an official news source yet, but we can definitely believe there is truth in this one.

The whole thing is getting messier every day and that's just making it more and more amusing.