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‘They know’: Eddie Howe now shares an insight into the dressing room after Everton humiliation

‘They know’: Eddie Howe now shares an insight into the dressing room after Everton humiliation
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Eddie Howe watched on in horror as his Newcastle United side fell to a 3-0 defeat to Everton in the Premier League last night.

It was a game of very little quality and it always had that feeling that a mistake was going to be how one side took the initiative. Unfortunately for Newcastle, it was two mistakes and a very tight offside call that was our downfall.

The Magpies defended resolutely for the best part of 80 minutes before they folded and collapsed like wet origami ... in a tornado ... at sea.

Kieran Trippier was absolutely spent by the time he made his costly errors

Kieran Trippier had given his all by 80 minutes and unfortunately, it was his errors that led to the first two goals and it was he again who played Beto marginally onside for the third. His efforts up until then were on par with the rest of the team, that is to say, okay.

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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium - Home of ... some team

Joelinton and Lewis Miley were two players we thought could hold their heads up after the game, but the rest were way below average and it seems like Eddie Howe was of the same impression.

Speaking to the press after the game (via The Chronicle), Howe said he told the players they weren't good enough but he said they didn't need telling, but he has a job to do.

"I let them know my thoughts on the performance. Without going into too much detail, I always think you need that honesty. I always give it to them in a positive way, but then you need to do the same so you are consistent. They know. They don't need telling. They know we were off our best levels and that cost us the match."

Newcastle will be hoping to bounce back with a win at Spurs

As we said last night, it's hard to point fingers due to the circumstances we find ourselves in, but we need to direct our frustrations somewhere and that's why Tripps comes in for criticism.

Eddie Howe now has the unenviable task of rallying the troops to deliver a performance again on Sunday as the side travel to the stunning Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to play ... wait ... I know this one .... oh man, who plays at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium? They play someone anyway.

Something Eddie Howe can take going into Sunday's game is that Spurs also played last night and were also defeated, they were beaten by local rivals West Ham and are now winless in five games.