Wed 29 May 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

Report: League Cup rule change that could make the competition more difficult for Newcastle next season

Report: League Cup rule change that could make the competition more difficult for Newcastle next season
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A new change to how the Carabao Cup is drawn is set to come into effect next season under the guise of easing fixture congestion but it is already facing backlash.

From next season, owing to the changes in how European competitions are formatted, it has been decided that teams will be seeded for the Carabao Cup draws in the early stages, meaning teams playing in the Champions League can't be drawn against those competing in the Europa League.

The Telegraph reports that the rankings will ensure Champions League qualifiers do not draw Europa League teams, with third-round EFL Cup fixtures now spread over two weeks to further ease congestion.

However, fans online have been quick to point out that all this does is ease the path to the final for the bigger teams by avoiding tricky fixtures. Which, in turn, would mean that those clubs would in fact end up playing more games as they're more likely to progress in the competition.


Newcastle's Carabao Cup journey this season was horrendous

Newcastle found themselves on the end of some horrific draws in the Carabao Cup this season with three consecutive draws against "big six" sides.

While the Magpies were able to see off both Manchester clubs, our luck ran out when we faced Chelsea.

With Newcastle not playing in Europe next season, that means we will not be one of the "seeded" clubs and could therefore face a similar situation again.


Imagine what the bad ideas at the EFL meetings must be like if this was the one that passed

We have to wonder if anyone actually thinks these things through before releasing them to the press? It took minutes for everyday fans to poke holes in the idea and yet it went through all these discussions beforehand? Does it just show how out of touch the powers that be are?

The issue is more about the current schedule. That's what needs to be changed. If they can see that the Carabao Cup fixtures are going to clash with the Champions League schedule, then change when the Carabao Cup fixtures are due to be played. You have the power, why throw down rose petals at the ground of the Champions League sides and usher them through to the final by making their cup draws "easier"?

This might come off as the bitter ramblings of a fan whose side failed to qualify for Europe, but I fully expect that next season we will qualify again and therefore we become one of those "seeded" teams, and I'd still think it was a stupid idea.

As aggravating as those horrendous cup draws were this season, it added an extra bit of spice to the campaign. It would be a hollow victory lifting a trophy if all you beat were League Two sides on the way to Wembley, surely? I mean, we'd take it, but you know what I'm saying.