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Darren Eales makes promises to supporters regarding the renaming of St James' Park

Darren Eales makes promises to supporters regarding the renaming of St James' Park
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Newcastle United have made a vow that they will consult supporters before making any decisions regarding the renaming of St James' Park are made.

Since Newcastle were taken over in October 2021, new faces have been brought on board to find new ways to boost commercial revenue for the club. Since then, we have seen several local, national and international brands partner up with Newcastle to boost revenue, including a blockbuster kit deal with Adidas.

Another method to bring in revenue would be to rename St James' Park. Just like many other clubs have done before, for example. Manchester City's City of Manchester Stadium being renamed The Etihad, or Barcelona's stadium becoming the Spotify Camp Nou. Although not a priority, the potential for renaming is there.

Darren Eales

Darren Eales has reiterated his stance on consultation

The Magpies CEO previously made a promise to speak to supporters if there was ever a chance to rename the ground.

He said: "We're very sensitive in respect to that."

A spokesman from the club reiterated the stance of the current figureheads in the first meeting with the fan advisory board at St James'

He told supporters at the meeting: "In line with commitments in the club's fan engagement standard, the club would consult with the FAB and its wide fan base should relevant proposals be received in the future."


A training kit sponsor is believed to be the current priority.

There hasn't been any news on who this new training kit sponsor could be, but it is understood that the priority is to get one before looking at other options of raising revenue.

Newcastle's commercial and match day revenues are also on the rise, with an increase of £6m in comparison to last season. But we are still incredibly far away from the likes of Spurs, who recently recorded over £180m of commercial revenue.

We'll get there.