Wed 1 Nov 2023, 23:19 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle have to do it the hard way with another tough away draw in the Carabao Cup

Newcastle have to do it the hard way with another tough away draw in the Carabao Cup
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Newcastle United are once again given a difficult draw in the Carabao Cup.

Many Newcastle fans were expecting to be drawn away at Anfield for the Carabao Cup quarter-finals as that would have been the toughest possible draw, so things could have been worse for the Magpies.

Not much worse, mind as the number seven ball that represented Newcastle United was drawn out of the bowl after the number four, meaning Newcastle now have to travel to Stamford Bridge to play Chelsea.

This Newcastle side can beat anyone

If Newcastle do manage to go all the way in the Carabao Cup this season, nobody on this planet can say that we won't have earned it after the draws we've had.

Starting off by knocking out Manchester City and then following that up by having to win at Old Trafford against Man United, Newcastle face their third consecutive Premier League side in the competition this season.

Carabao Cup Quarter Final Draw
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Carabao Cup Quarter Final Draw

We still fancy us to get a result at Chelsea, though. Mauricio Pochettino is starting to make them look like a decent side again, but we'd say they're still some way off us yet, so another gutsy performance like the one we put in tonight should see us through.

Newcastle should feel they can go on and win it

The only side we should have reservations about in the competition now is Liverpool and that's only because they're our bogey team. On paper, Newcastle are probably the better side, but something just happens to us when we come up against Jurgen Klopp's side.

If we can avoid them, maybe if West Ham can pull off another shock like they did tonight, then there's nothing stopping us from winning it this year.

Eddie Howe's Mags are going all the way!