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Explained: how Newcastle could earn £2.5M by beating Paris Saint-Germain

Explained: how Newcastle could earn £2.5M by beating Paris Saint-Germain
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As Tyneside readies itself for a grand Champions League spectacle this Wednesday evening, Newcastle are set to battle it out with French football juggernaut, Paris Saint-Germain, and their superstar Kylian Mbappé.

A historic night is in store at St. James' Park

This match is not just any other game; it's a truly historic moment, bringing top-tier European football to the North East for the first time since Barcelona visited St. James' Park in 2003.

Anticipation has also been cranked up a notch by Monday evening's captivating drone performance from front-of-shirt sponsor Sela, setting the stage for an electric atmosphere in the stadium.

Newcastle supporters, on a high after a run of three wins in a row and five consecutive clean sheets, are hungry for a monumental victory over the French champions.

If Eddie Howe and his players are able to secure three points, they'll also secure a hefty payout from Uefa, having already made £800,000 (at current exchange rates) from the 0-0 draw in the San Siro two weeks ago.

Every bit of prize money helps with Financial Fair Play

Wednesday night is not just about on-field drama and glory. Every pass, goal, and save from Howe's side carries significant financial ramifications.

Let's take a quick dive into how Uefa rewards teams for their Champions League participation:

  • Performance Rewards: dominating with 55% of the prize pool, on-field results are golden. The champions walk away with a whopping £17.5 million, with subsequent tiers like runner-ups, semi-finalists, and quarter-finalists bagging £13.5 million, £10.9 million, and £9.2 million respectively. Even making it to the Round of 16 isn't shy of rewards, offering £8.3 million.
  • Group Stage Incentives: each victory in the group stages is worth its weight in gold, translating to £2.5 million. Draws, like the one against AC Milan, also boost the coffers by £0.8 million.
  • Coefficient System: 30% of the total pool, decided by a convoluted coefficient algorithm, benefits European regulars. While Newcastle's recent absence from Europe might limit their share, elites like Manchester City could pocket as much as £31.6 million.
  • TV Market Share: A massive £260.4 million, or 15% of the total, is carved out based on TV market dynamics. Clubs not only earn from a fixed distribution but also from their active participation throughout the season.

In the grand realm of football, every dribble, tackle, and goal is not just a spectacle but a financial lever, shaping a club's future.

As the Magpies move forward in the Champions League, the combination of football passion and financial stakes promises unmatched drama.

Supporters have been promised that every penny generated by the club will be put back into the club by CEO Darren Eales and others. So, in the famous words of Tesco, "every little helps".