Tue 23 Apr 2024, 12:29 · Ash Harrison

'You are intense': Gary Neville was 'blown away' by Anthony Gordon in recent interview for The Overlap

'You are intense': Gary Neville was 'blown away' by Anthony Gordon in recent interview for The Overlap
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Anthony Gordon has sat down with Gary Neville for the latest episode of The Overlap for Sky Sports and it is honestly one of the best sporting interviews ever.

Part of the format for these interviews is that Gary Neville will ask the interviewee a series of quick-fire questions, and owing to Anthony Gordon's performance in the U21 Euros in the summer, Neville opted for 21 questions.

However, he only got as far as five and the whole thing came off the rails as Neville became utterly fascinated with Gordon admitting that he was 'blown away' by the 23-year-old.

Gordon spoke about his process leading up to a match and what he does immediately after the game and Neville was absolutely stunned.


Anthony Gordon uses visualisation to prepare for a game

Anthony Gordon admitted being big into psychology and meditation, saying that he will visualise the game and what he wants to achieve ahead of time and use that visualisation to guide his performance.

Neville, who thought he had a set routine in his playing days couldn't get over the amount of detail and structure Gordon has in his life to help him live his goals. Neville looked visibly stunned when Gordon said that he watches the games back immediately after, calling him 'intense',

"Do you know something? I'm blown away, really, by the level of thought ... I know you're a professional football player so you have to, to get to where you've got to, but I am blown away by the depth of it. You're unique I reckon."

Gordon comes across brilliantly in the 50-minute interview

In the 50-minute video Anthony Gordon continues to surprise and enthrall with what he's saying and just how he comes across as a determined, driven player who absolutely knows his own worth.

We'll be covering plenty more of the interview throughout the day, but if you have a spare 50 minutes today, we cannot recommend it highly enough.

Whatever your thoughts on Gordon before, it will be very hard to watch this and not at least have a ton of respect for the guy by the end.