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'What we have': Joelinton now shares what he thinks sets Newcastle apart from other teams

'What we have': Joelinton now shares what he thinks sets Newcastle apart from other teams
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Newcastle United's midfield beast Joelinton has shared what he believes is the key to the team's success on the pitch.

Yesterday Newcastle sent another warning shot to the rest of the Premier League by despatching Chelsea 4-1 at St James' Park.

Eddie Howe's squad was depleted to the point he had to put three goalkeepers on his bench just to fill up the squad. He had four youth players on there too alongside Paul Dummett and Matt Ritchie. However, his on-field team was brimming with quality.

Joelinton has praised the togetherness in the squad

Speaking to NUFC TV after the game Joelinton hit the nail on the head when he mentioned what sets this side apart from other teams.

Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall
Serena Taylor/Newcastle United
Eddie Howe has created the perfect atmosphere in the club
“We have a very good squad, we have great character. I think what we have here that other teams don’t have is that togetherness. We’re a family. We fight for each other. We give everything and I think that’s most important.”

That togetherness, that family spirit, that's something that has been evident since Eddie Howe arrived. When Kieran Trippier got injured a few games into his tenure at the club, he didn't sit at home wallowing, he came to every game on his crutches and he got involved.

Eddie Howe has never used the injury crisis as an excuse

That kind of spirit is evident now through the entire squad, they all want to be there for each other, they'd run through walls for each other and the gaffer, and that's what carries us through when things aren't going our way.

A lot of sides would crumble with our injury list, they'd use it as an excuse for poor performances, but not Eddie. He's not once used it as an excuse, even when we've not been at our best, and that positivity carries through the squad.

We. Are. Family.