Fri 10 Nov 2023, 15:59 · Ash Harrison

Video: Martin Keown still can’t handle the VAR decision that awarded Newcastle a goal last week

Video: Martin Keown still can’t handle the VAR decision that awarded Newcastle a goal last week
Alex Dodd/CameraSport via Getty Images
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This is about as embarrassing as it gets as Arsenal-biased pundits continue to bring up Anthony Gordon's winner last week.

By now we all know that the goal Newcastle United scored against Arsenal last week that gave them the 1-0 win was a controversial one. VAR checked three separate incidents and because they could not find enough evidence that the on-field referee made an error, the goal was given.

Since then, an independent key match incident panel has reviewed the goal and they have agreed that the call made on the night was the correct one, and still this isn't enough for Arsenal fans.

Martin Keown now joins Ian Wright in spilling Arsenal tears all over the internet

The latest one to moan about it is Martin Keown who brought it up on TalkSPORT once again saying he disagrees with the panel's decision - which, if you're counting, is the third body to award the goal after the on-field referee and VAR.

Keown is adamant that it was a push by Joelinton on Gabriel, and while he's right, it does look like Joelinton put two hands on Gabriel's back, there's no way to determine whether that was caused Gabriel to stoop, or whether it was a reaction to Gabriel's stoop. Therefore, there's not enough to overturn the on-field referee.

The former Arsenal (hmmm, coincidence?) defender went on to name three former referees whom he's spoken to who said it was a foul, blissfully ignoring all the other officials, pundits, players whatever, who said it's not. The point is, some people see it as a foul, some don't, therefore it stands to reason that it's not counted as a clear and obvious error and the goal stands. VAR actually worked in this instance. Why can't those connected with Arsenal see that?

Jim White was starting to lose it at Keown's ignorance

Jim White asked Keown if it was his Arsenal bias showing through and, bless him, he tried to deny it, but, it's blatant. White even started to get genuinely worked up about how Keown was refusing to see that what he was saying just didn't make sense.

For us, we are still finding it hilarious. We've got Martin Keown and Ian Wright on strings right now, as well as the vast majority of Arsenal fans.

They will clearly never accept the decision, and that's fine, it was a contentious one, but after an independent panel has said that the decision to not overturn the goal was the right one, surely they've got to move on.