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'Too much pressure': Kieran Trippier shares his plans for after his retirement - it won't be management

'Too much pressure': Kieran Trippier shares his plans for after his retirement - it won't be management
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Kieran Trippier is a leader on and off the pitch at Newcastle United but the England international doesn't have his sights set on management after he hangs up his boots.

The 33-year-old will be starting to think of his next steps beyond his playing career and he's recently been speaking to TNT Sports about what he could see himself doing next.

It may be a couple of years down the line yet, but Trippier is thinking about going into coaching as his next step in the game and he seems to have been directly inspired by his current boss, Eddie Howe.

While Trippier says he'd maybe not want to be a manager, he feels he has had enough experience that he has a lot to give back.


Trippier sees coaching in his future

Speaking on TNT Sports Sign Up - Into Football programme which is aimed towards raising the profile of the deaf community, something that slots in perfectly with the recent collaboration between Newcastle United, Sela and the RNID, Trippier shared his thoughts on coaching.

“I think I’d love to go into coaching. I don't think a manager – too much pressure.

“I would like to be a coach because I feel like with everything that I've experienced in my career, I feel like I've got a lot to give back, and try and help especially young players develop.

“Instead of taking different attributes from different managers, I think I want to be my own person. But of course, I've learned a lot from different styles of managers, which is always key.

“Eddie Howe, I think he plays aggressive football, is brave and gives his players the freedom to express themselves.

“The best thing about Eddie Howe is his man management. So, he's got all the attributes to be a world-class manager.”

Tripps has the experience of some top coaches to call upon

Trippier also picked up a lot from Diego Simeone while at Atletico Madrid and has also worked with top managers at Tottenham and of course, England, as well as Gareth Southgate (Wahaaaay).

We'd absolutely love for Tripps to become part of the coaching team at Newcastle along with fellow veteran Matt Ritchie, but we expect that Tripps may leave the club first to continue playing before maybe coming back to coach.

Matt Ritchie might be too busy haulin' ass around the Country in his big rig to be bothered about football.