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'Ridiculous': Alan Shearer and Micah Richards get into hilarious debate over Newcastle penalty decision

'Ridiculous': Alan Shearer and Micah Richards get into hilarious debate over Newcastle penalty decision
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Newcastle United were awarded a controversial penalty on Saturday against West Ham United that sparked an epic comeback for the Magpies.

Anthony Gordon cleverly got himself between Kalvin Phillips and the ball as the West Ham midfielder was preparing to make a clearance, which resulted in him hoofing Gordon's shin which, after a VAR and on-field review, was deemed to be a foul and the penalty was awarded.

Alexander Isak, who'd already tucked away one spot-kick, stepped up and calmly despatched his second of the game into the same corner, and Newcastle's comeback was on.

However, the decision to award the penalty has been a cause of much debate between fans and pundits alike.

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The Rest Is Football
They love each other really

Shearer would not be moved on his view that it was a penalty

Alan Shearer, Gary Lineker and Micah Richards debated the decision on the latest episode of The Rest Is Football podcast with Shearer and Richards ending up having a right go at each other, all in jest, we should add.

Shearer was adamant it was a stonewall penalty with Richards arguing against saying that there was nothing Phillips could do as he was going for the ball. Meanwhile, Shearer makes the point that it was a clear kick on the player and the placement of the ball shouldn't matter, otherwise players could just go around kicking opponents and not get punished.

GL: “VAR looked after you a bit, though didn’t they?”
AS: “Really? Do you think so?
GL: “Well, do you think it was a clear and obvious error?”
AS: “I do, yeah. I thought it as an absolute certain penalty. Both of them.”
MR: “Are you being serious? Come on, Al”
GL: “A certain penalty? It wasn’t certain. I mean I tend to think it might just have been a foul , I don’t know because he stuck his leg in front, but I’m not sure it was certain”
MR: “That is a ridiculous, ridiculous decision.”
AS: “He’s absolutely wiped him out; totally wiped him out in the box, how is that ridiculous?”
MR: “Phillips is about to kick the ball, he’s put his leg back, swinging through…”
AS: “He’s about to kick the ball, but carry on …”
MR: “If Gordon would have touched the ball…”
AS: “If my aunty had bollocks, she’d be my uncle!”

They got away with a cheeky freekick, we got a cheeky penalty. Circle of life!

The debate continued after that point, and it is definitely well worth listening to, the discussion starts around the 24-minute mark of the podcast.

I stand by the fact that it was a weak penalty, I feel like it was a gift for Newcastle, but one that we gratefully accept. Especially after their cheeky goal just before halftime with Fabian Schar still on the deck.

Whatever the truth, it made for an entertaining game and an entertaining debate between Shearer and Richards.