Fri 19 Apr 2024, 17:50 · Ash Harrison

NUFC 2-0 Sports Direct: Another victory for Newcastle United as Mike Ashley strikes out again

NUFC 2-0 Sports Direct: Another victory for Newcastle United as Mike Ashley strikes out again
Darren Staples via Reuters
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It was just a week ago that Sports Direct's case against Newcastle United was ruled in the club's favour, but Mike Ashley wasn't done.

Bitter ex-Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley threw a hissy fit when the club signed an exclusivity agreement with JD Sports to supply next season's new Adidas kit, which means Sports Direct would not receive any stock to sell in their stores.

Raging Ashley took the club to court claiming that the agreement was anti-competition and unfair and wah wah wah.

This is despite exclusivity agreements between clubs and sports stores being a fairly common thing, something that the owner of a huge chain of sports stores should really know.


How's that pride doing, we wonder?

Unsurprisingly the courts threw the case out and Mike Ashley hobbled back to his cave, defeated.

However, he seemingly wasn't ready to let it go and lodged an appeal against the decision.

An appeal, which, as confirmed by journalist Jacob Whitehead today, was thrown out before it even began.


You're done, Mike. You're done.

Clearly, the courts have no more time for his bitter shenanigans and told him that the appeal would stand no chance of winning.

"We do not consider that the appeal has any real prospect of success".

We're all for watching Mike Ashley waste money, a lot of it came from our pockets as Newcastle fans anyway, but at what point does the man just give up and accept his lot in life?

He created this situation with the way he ran our club and the state he left it in for our new owners. Let's be honest, we all reckon that he was a monumental nightmare to deal with during the takeover process. So, what's that saying "payback is a bird in the hand"? Or something like that, that last bit definitely starts with b!