Sat 2 Dec 2023, 17:11 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle United ready for pick-up as new partnership deal is announced

Newcastle United ready for pick-up as new partnership deal is announced
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Newcastle United's commercial team led by Peter Silverstone are working hard to generate more income for the club to increase the FFP barrier.

In the media, Newcastle are always referred to as 'the richest club in world football' which is so incorrect it's not even funny anymore. We have the richest owners, sure, but the actual club is well down in the financial rankings ... for now.

Thanks to the introduction of Financial Fair Play, owners can't just pump money into the club on a whim anymore, it has to be earned. They can do what they like in terms of revenue for things like infrastructure, but when it comes to the actual team, that money has to be generated by the club to ensure that all clubs are run sustainably.

Newcastle continue to create new partnerships to grow the club worldwide

Or more accurately, so it takes any new clubs longer to displace the greedy six.

Since the PIF, Amanda Staveley and The Reuben Brothers took over the club they have worked tirelessly to get out of all of the poor deals Mike Ashley had the club tied to and to bring in new, bigger, smarter partners who will not just bring in more money from the initial agreement, but will help the club to grow.

We will soon see Adidas return as the kit supplier in a £200million deal, we have Noon and Sela as shirt sponsors as well as huge partnerships with Saudi Airlines and many other big companies, and today we've added another.

Newcastle United have yet to confirm the deal

InPost has joined Newcastle United as an official partner as released via their Official X Account today.

The Polish logistics company are responsible for the yellow lockers you find all over the country which can be used as pick-up spots for deliveries from Amazon. When you're not at home you can have parcels delivered to these InPost lockers for you to pick up at your convenience.

At the time of writing, we're still waiting for confirmation from the club, but the fact that InPost has put it online suggests the deal is done.