Fri 3 Nov 2023, 19:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle fan delivers on promise after making a bold claim before Manchester United game

Newcastle fan delivers on promise after making a bold claim before Manchester United game
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A Newcastle fan made a bold statement before kick-off on Wednesday night which has now caused him to have a permanent memory of the time he underestimated Newcastle United.

We've all made wild claims or placed daft bets with our mates, even thrown out some hyperbole along with our brashness, but it's not like anyone expects you to follow through with what you said ... unless you say something on the internet. That will follow you forever.

So after Eddie Howe's teamsheet was revealed on Wednesday night for the Carabao Cup, the Newcastle gaffer had made eight changes to the lineup - a lineup that had no fewer than six fullbacks in the starting XI, Newcastle fan Richie Southern made his bold claim.

Richie Southern had probably never felt so confident in a statement he'd made before

Referencing the fact that Newcastle now has a tradition of posting a squad photo from the dressing room following a win to their X account, Richie obviously felt safe saying:

"If we get a dressing room victory photo with that team I’ll get the picture tattooed on me"

He probably felt pretty safe with that statement. After all, Newcastle had only won at Old Trafford once in 42 years, and even that win was 10 years ago under Alan Pardew.

The fact that there were six fullbacks in the starting eleven was inconsequential, surely. The form book had his back.

Well, we all know how it turned out. Eddie Howe's makeshift Mags tore through Manchester United, coming away from Old Trafford 3-0 winners.

Fair play to Richie, he followed through

So what did Richie do? Delete his X account? Go into hiding? Post "I was only kidding"? Or bottle it like a certain popular Newcastle United YouTuber?

Of course he didn't.

Richie Southern lived up to his word, went out and got his mate to tattoo the squad photo complete with the date of the game and the scoreline.

Richie, we salute you!