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Must-watch: Micah Richards joins in with cheeky NUFC chant during PSG hammering

Must-watch: Micah Richards joins in with cheeky NUFC chant during PSG hammering
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Newcastle United were indeed taking the proverbial out of Paris Saint-Germain at St. James' Park on Wednesday evening and the home crowd weren't afraid to let the world know.

Micah Richards is a Geordie, Jamie Carragher is not

It wasn't just the Magpies supporters that were serenading their Parisian visitors and Kylian Mbappé with the cheeky, "Geordie boys, taking the p*ss!" chant, though. They had some extra backing from an unlikely source.

In yet another superb fan video to emerge from the stunning Champions League victory, former Manchester City and England right-back Micah Richards can be seen heartily joining in with fans in the Milburn Paddock, though co-presenter Jamie Carragher remains typically stoic.

Huge thanks to X user Leanne Smith (@leanne669) for capturing the footage!

Our former number nine is clearly a very good influence

Spending all that time with Alan Shearer must be rubbing off on Richards, who seemed to have the time of his life at St. James' despite being at work on media duty for his American employer CBS Sports.

Speaking of Shearer, the legendary striker had a brief interaction with Richards and Carragher live on TV before the 4-1 win, admitting he was already five pints deep at that early stage.

The legendary striker had been pre-gaming with his best pal Rob Lee in Ponteland before heading to St. James' to take in the action from his private box. He even seemed a bit misty-eyed as the fourth went in.

We've never experienced anything like Wednesday evening

Whether it's John Anderson being moved to tears, Dan Burn kicking every ball, the TNT Sports highlights, or fan videos of the Champions League anthem blaring out, we just can't get enough content from Wednesday night's match.

If you're like us and you're thirsty for more, you might not have seen this fantastic episode of "No Filter" from TNT, which takes you behind the scenes of one of the best days in the history of Newcastle United Football Club. It's well worth a watch.