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'Madness': Alan Shearer says he would not be happy if he was playing for Newcastle right now

'Madness': Alan Shearer says he would not be happy if he was playing for Newcastle right now
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Alan Shearer bleeds black and white. The son of a sheet metal worker from Gosforth is Newcastle's all-time leading goalscorer and turned down playing for perennial title-winners Manchester United on several occasions preferring to play for his boyhood club, Newcastle United.

Shearer's love of Newcastle often leaks into his punditry work too as he does very little to hide his own bias, although he's not above calling out the club when they're doing something wrong or even just playing badly.

On Match of the Day on Sunday night, the final Premier League weekend of the season, Gary Lineker mentioned that Newcastle were on their flight, as were Tottenham Hotspur, to Australia to partake in two exhibition games down under.

This prompted Shearer to give his true feelings on the friendlies which have been widely panned by pundits, players and activist groups.


Shearer says he would not be happy with having to travel to Australia in a tournament year

Before Lineker had even finished his sentence, Shearer chirped up with "Madness. Crazy" before going on to say how he'd feel if he was still playing.

"Can you imagine if you're a player that's playing in either the COPA America or the Euros now, having to do that? I wouldn't be happy at all doing that, no."

It's a sentiment which has been echoed by Kieran Trippier who is one of those hoping to be going to the Euros.

Kieran Trippier is of a similar mindset to Alan Shearer

Trippier has said that the trip is less than ideal but he understands why the club has chosen to do it as reported in The Mirror.

“My expression says it all! It’s not ideal because it’s a tournament year.

“I understand why the club is doing it. I’ve done it at Tottenham and Madrid but from my own experience of it – in a tournament year (with the Euros and Copa America) it’s not ideal. But we’re players, we’ve got to do what’s right for the club to move forward. When we’re there it’ll be good, we’ll embrace it and experience it. Hopefully, it goes smoothly."

With Financial Fair Play tightening its grip on the Premier League, clubs are having to find creative ways to generate revenue and Spurs and Newcastle saw this one as an easy way to do just that. Not only will the games themselves raise funds, but the knock-on effect of increasing their global reach to the Southern hemisphere could create a steady stream of incoming going forward.