Sat 4 Nov 2023, 20:29 · Ash Harrison

Jamie Carragher says he is 'glad' controversial Newcastle goal was given against Arsenal

Jamie Carragher says he is 'glad' controversial Newcastle goal was given against Arsenal
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Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher believes VAR eventually came to the correct decision in awarding Newcastle's goal this evening.

Newcastle United were awarded a controversial goal tonight as they beat Arsenal at St James' Park.

It took four minutes for VAR to award the goal, but it took Jamie Carragher and Izzy Christiansen in the Sky Sports studio eight minutes to explain why it was the right call.

VAR could not have 100% identified if the ball was out of play

No doubt Arsenal fans will be adamant it wasn't a goal, but they'd be wrong.

Was it out?
Sky Sports
Was the whole ball over the line?

Of the three things that were checked by VAR, the one that looked most likely to have been given as the excuse to rule out the goal would be the first incident - whether or not the ball was out of play before it was crossed back into the area.

Still images from the Sky Sports and VAR cameras would suggest it was out of play, but because of the angle it would be impossible to determine whether the entirety of the ball went out of play, therefore they have to go with the on-field decision.

Jamie Carragher believes VAR got it right

The foul and the offside were frankly laughable and I can't believe they checked those for as long as they did.

Jamie Carragher said on Sky Sports that he was glad that VAR came to the conclusion they did.

"The big one is about whether or not the ball went out. I don't think there's a foul while the offside is very difficult to see.

"There's lots of stills of the ball on the line or people saying on social media that the ball is out, but the camera angle we have here is not conclusive.

"I'm glad in some ways it's still been given. My first thought was that it was offside, mainly because it felt there was only one Arsenal player behind the two Newcastle players.

"I don't think it's a foul."

We don't think it was a foul either, Jamie. Cheers.