Thu 16 Nov 2023, 09:40 · Ash Harrison

Harvey Barnes becomes internet hero after destroying IShowSpeed and xQc on Fortnite

Harvey Barnes becomes internet hero after destroying IShowSpeed and xQc on Fortnite
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Three Newcastle players became social media heroes last night for something they did that didn't even involve football.

Anthony Gordon, Harvey Barnes and Paul Dummett have been making the most of their international break by teaming up to play Fortnite until the wee hours of the morning.

How do we know this? Well, peek your head into the world of X this morning and you will find a clip of internet star ishowspeed and his crew being slain by the mighty Harvey Barnes in a round of Fortnite.

Harvey Barnes

The gaming streamer did not take his demise well, to put it lightly.

Harvey Barnes name gets mentioned many times in the clip, which we can't show here because of some fruity language, but trust us, it's worth a watch.

In his post on X, Speed incorrectly labels Harvey Barnes as a Leicester City player despite his £39million summer switch to Newcastle, although he does correct himself in the replies.

Will we see Gordo, Dummy and Barnes at the next competitive Fortnite event?

Ishowspeed is no stranger to the footballing world with the American influencer having an obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo, but famously falling to his knees in tears when he finally met his idol.

Known for his over-the-top persona, Ishowspeed, real name Darren Jason Watkins Jr., has appeared on Sky Sports, although those appearances have since been removed by the broadcaster after previous comments made by the YouTuber before the collaboration were uncovered and deemed offensive.

As avid gamers it's always fun to see our worlds collide, and when it's seeing our lads getting one over on a team of 'professional gamers' it's all the more sweet.