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Eddie Howe talks swearing, making further signings, FFP, baseball, and much more

Eddie Howe talks swearing, making further signings, FFP, baseball, and much more
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Newcastle United head coach Eddie Howe took some time to speak to Keith Downie of Sky Sports shortly after landing in New Jersey from Atlanta.

The Magpies' final game of the Premier League US Summer Series takes place later on against Brighton & Hove Albion (12.30 a.m. BST kick-off).

Here's everything of note from the gaffer's six-minute interview:

On Sandro Tonali, Harvey Barnes, and more incoming transfer business

  • He's really pleased with both transfers so far and would love to bring more players in
  • It's been very difficult for most teams to make good signings this summer, and it's particularly difficult after his team did so well in 2022/23

On Financial Fair Play and the need to "trade" in the market

  • There's no need to sell any more players to bring in any new signings
  • Saint-Maximin wasn't a straight swap for Barnes, the club needed to sell someone this summer to make all the transfers they have done (and will do)

On his colourful language in the trailer for the Amazon Prime documentary

  • He hasn't seen the trailer himself yet due to how busy his schedule has been
  • Doesn't like seeing himself swearing but he knows he can get carried away with his language when he's trying to be forceful

On the baseball game that the squad played a couple of days ago

  • The intention was to give the players some enjoyment because of their interest in the sport
  • He didn't join in with the games, but he was glad to see the lads happy and taking it so seriously
  • There was a little forfeit on the game, as he always tries to create a winning mentality in the squad

On the Brighton game and the US Summer Series in general

  • He'll use the game as an opportunity to see his entire squad
  • Was pleased with most of what he saw against Chelsea
  • The schedule in the US has been very tough, but it's ideal preparation for the season
  • The training and games have been very intense, especially with the heat
  • He doesn't cope well in the heat himself and tries to keep out of the sun as much as he can
  • The games have been "more than friendlies" because of the standard and intensity of the opposition

On Joe Willock & Sean Longstaff's injuries

  • Neither is far from being involved
  • Willock's hamstring injury is long-term and he's being built up slowly
  • Longstaff has had a "niggly" injury and he'll be introduced when he's ready

On Lewis Miley, Elliot Anderson, and youth development

  • Looking at pre-season as a whole, both Miley and Anderson have done very well
  • Both players have done a good job of dealing with the pressure and expectation of the friendlies
  • Thinks there are some good players coming through, with more to come
  • Alex Murphy and Ben Parkinson have also caught the eye over the summer

On New Jersey and New York in general

  • He's been to New York before on holiday and thinks it's an amazing place, but it's his first time in New Jersey