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Eddie Howe has 'sympathy' with fans after Fulham game was moved to 7pm kick-off

Eddie Howe has 'sympathy' with fans after Fulham game was moved to 7pm kick-off
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The travelling Toon Army have been done over by the TV overlords yet again after the FA Cup tie with Fulham was moved for live coverage.

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes and Newcastle United fans getting the short shrift when it comes to fixture changes imposed by TV broadcasters.

Newcastle were once again drawn away in a cup competition, something that's so regular it's almost a given now, but that is what it is, there is no conspiracy there, just crap luck.

Newcastle fans are treated like mugs

However, where there does seem to be a conspiracy is when fixtures get changed for live broadcast. The TV companies seemingly have no regard for the difficulties fans face getting to and from away games. With them all being based in London they don't seem to think about the complexities of getting in and out of the Capital when you live so far outside of it.

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TV companies have too much power

The Fulham tie has been moved to a 7pm kick-off on a Saturday night meaning that hundreds of fans now face hotel bills on top of the travel expenses and matchday tickets as it's nigh-on impossible to get back to the North East from London late at night.

It's as if they know that our fans will always find a way to take up their full allocation and pack out an away end so it doesn't matter how difficult or costly they make it,

Eddie Howe has sympathy for the fans

Even Eddie Howe has addressed the issue in his pre-match press conference this morning (via The Chronicle).

"You want a home game for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, it went against us. It's going to be a tough game for us.

I have sympathy for them [the fans]. We're at the mercy of the TV companies and when they want to schedule games. I don't think enough consideration is given to supporters. To get back from London at that time is going to be extremely difficult and I have sympathy for our supporters."

Newcastle fans will of course still turn up in their droves to Fulham, but as we said, that's not the point. Just because we can doesn't mean we should have to.