Thu 21 Mar 2024, 18:07 · Ash Harrison

'Disappointed': Bruno Guimaraes gives his honest assessment of Newcastle's season while on national duty

'Disappointed': Bruno Guimaraes gives his honest assessment of Newcastle's season while on national duty
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Newcastle United were said to have overachieved last season but this season has been a struggle and now Bruno Guimaraes has weighed with his thoughts about the current campaign.

Bruno Guimaraes is currently with the Brazil squad gearing up for Saturday's game against England where the Newcastle midfielder could come up against his club mate, Anthony Gordon who will be hoping to make his senior international debut.

In fact, Bruno talked about Anthony Gordon's call-up during his press conference saying that nobody at Newcastle deserved to play for England more than Gordon this season.

He was then asked how he feels after the highs of last season and how the team has performed this season.


Bruno knew that a season like this was a possibility when he agreed to join Newcastle

Bruno gives a very honest assessment of the season and also hints that it won't affect his future at the club.

"This season we have been struggling. We've had many problems with injuries and suspensions but this is part of the process. When I signed for the club I knew that this would happen. I think we made things happen too quickly.

"Some injuries have been very, very strange and this season has been tough for us. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed, but I knew that this could happen."

That release clause is always a worry

If Bruno was expecting a season like this to happen, then there should be no reason to expect him to throw his toys out of the pram and demand a move this summer.

As long as he sees it as a bump in the road, which it most likely is, then we expect he will stick around a bit longer to see how the project pans out before he decides to move on. That £100m release clause is always a niggling worry, but we have to remember that although Newcastle must accept the bid that triggers it, Bruno can still say no.

We know that the day will come when we have to say goodbye to Bruno, he's too good and too ambitious to sit at Newcastle if we're not winning things, but there'll also come a time when he no longer fits the profile at the club and we feel it's time to move him on. It's just a matter of which comes first and we sincerely hope it's the latter.