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‘Big talents’: Marcel Bout has outlined his desire to bring the next Erling Haaland to Newcastle

‘Big talents’: Marcel Bout has outlined his desire to bring the next Erling Haaland to Newcastle
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Newcastle United recently appointed Marcel Bout as chief of global scouting despite coming off the back of an unremarkable eight years at Manchester United.

The 60-year-old Dutchman joined Man United under Loui Van Gaal in 2014 and spent eight years at Old Trafford in various roles before leaving the club last year.

Despite not doing anything of note at Man United during their worst spell in Premier League history, Newcastle have taken a punt on Bout and put him in charge of finding young first-team-ready talent for the club.

Newcastle want to make stars, not buy them

It's always been Dan Ashworth's aim for Newcastle to bring in quality young players and develop them into stars and now he has Marcel Bout to do the heavy lifting.

Jude Bellingham
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Marcel Bout wants to find the next Jude Bellingham for Newcastle

Newcastle have already begun this process with the likes of Yankuba Minteh and Garang Kuol being brought in by the club in the last year.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Bout has outlined his role at Newcastle while saying he's looking to bring in the next Erling Haaland before they cost extortionate amounts of money.

Bout has outlined his ambitions

“I am looking for the new Haaland, Bellingham and (Jamal) Musiala.

“I am focusing on young talent up to 23 years old who have the potential to get into Newcastle’s first team. My motto is that if you constantly look to the left then you can’t see anything on the right. So I look everywhere. Newcastle have brought me in to find all the big talents. I want to find the pounds among the pennies.

“It is my ambition to not only point out those big talents, but also to put everything into place so these players immediately arrive at Newcastle United. I want to bring them in before they are worth £100 million.”

It's a nice ambition to have, let's just hope he can follow through.