Mon 6 Nov 2023, 12:19 · Ash Harrison

Alan Shearer has gone on a rant about the refereeing standard on Saturday and Arsenal’s reaction

Alan Shearer has gone on a rant about the refereeing standard on Saturday and Arsenal’s reaction
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Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has had his say on the controversial goal that was enough to defeat Arsenal on Saturday.

Alan Shearer has used his platform on The Rest Is Football podcast to explain what he thinks the right outcome should have been for the goal that won Newcastle the game on Saturday.

A four-minute VAR check where they looked at a ball going out of play, a potential foul and an offside ultimately couldn't find enough evidence to reverse the on-field decision and the goal was given.

That's how VAR should work. If they can't determine from the evidence they have, that the decision was a clear and obvious error, then the onfield decision sticks.

Alan Shearer made his point on The Rest Is Football podcast.

Anthony Gordon scores against Arsenal
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No doubt about it
“I just don’t get their moaning. There was nothing to suggest in any of those decisions, the ball crossing the line, the foul allegedly or the offside to say there’s an absolute howler there, because all the decisions on the field were “goal”.

“I listened to Mikel Arteta after the game, he was obviously very angry, I get that, I understand. You’re in the throw of things after the game it’s very emotional, it’s very hard, I’ve been in that position myself, you’re very angry.

“I didn’t once hear him say that Kai Havertz should have been sent off by the way.

“When I read Arsenal’s statement today I didn’t hear them mention that Kai Havertz didn’t get sent off and perhaps should have. Bruno Guimarães got very lucky because that could have and probably should have been a red card.

“When you put all that together, the standard of the refereeing, other than the goal, I thought was too big a game for him and he didn’t handle the situation very well at all.”

Gary Lineker called Kai Havertz' challenge an 'amber'

We absolutely agree with Big Al here. The actual poor decisions: the lack of red cards shown to two players who really had to go, is the actual issue. Not the goal.

The podcast host Gary Lineker called the Kai Havertz challenge an 'amber', but it was definitely a red.

Shearer also mentioned that he has spoken to about 40 people about the goal and half say it's a foul by Joelinton while half say not, which shows exactly why the on-field decision had to stand. It wasn't a clear and obvious error, it was so open to interpretation that there was no real case to change the decision.

Suck it up, Gunners.