Mon 13 May 2024, 19:30 · Ash Harrison

Watch: Video appears on social media from the top of St James' Park - It's a nope from us

Watch: Video appears on social media from the top of St James' Park - It's a nope from us
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If you have a fear of heights then this may not be the one for you as footage has appeared on social media with a view from the top of Newcastle United's St James' Park stadium.

St James' Park is set to undergo a massive transformation at some point in the future once everything is planned and agreed, but for now general maintenance continues on the Cathedral on the Hill which is need of some TLC.

Soon work will be underway to remove the giant Castore wings that adorn the roof over the Gallowgate Stand, and hopefully, there'll be a change in the "Newcastle United" lettering on the East Stand roof which is still in the "Sports Direct" font.

Also receiving some love is the giant screen on the East wall of the Sir John Hall stand which is being tended to by the company going under the name @Plasmaandsatellite on TikTok who have shared a few videos of their journey around the roof of St James' Park.


Rather them than us!

Fair play to the lads at Plasma and Satellite because you wouldn't get me up there for a gold cow!

The view is spectacular but I'd rather be in one of the seats, thanks.

It's going to be interesting to see the difference in a couple of years time when the expansion works have been completed - should that actually be the route the club takes, which is looking the most likely option.


Expansion is the most popular option for Newcastle to increase match day revenue

Luke Edwards reported recently that the feasibility study had been completed and expansion of St James' Park was the agreed-upon outcome, but it was later claimed that Edwards had jumped the gun and no official decision had been made.

We do know that the board are very keen to remain at St James' Park as they are aware that that's also the wish of the majority of fans.

For now, if we can just get shot of all the Castore-related signage and the Sports Direct font on the East Stand, that'll do.