Sat 18 May 2024, 13:57 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle's climactic game of the season against Brentford not selected for Live TV

Newcastle's climactic game of the season against Brentford not selected for Live TV
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Sky Sports and TNT Sport have made their selections for the final game of the season with the broadcasters set to show four live games.

There is still plenty to play for in the Premier League going into the final day of the season. The title is still to be decided although it's heavily weighted in Manchester City's favour, it would take a monumental slip up from Pep Guardiola's side to blow it now.

Unless Nottingham Forest get beat at Burnley and Luton Town win something like 12-0 against Fulham, the relegation places are all but confirmed too.

The race for sixth is still up in the air as is that for seventh with Newcastle, Chelsea and Manchester United all fighting to win a spot in next year's European competitions.

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There will be no UK coverage of Brentford v Newcastle

Chelsea's game will be shown on Sky sports

While Chelsea's game against Bournemouth has been picked up by Sky Sports, neither Newcastle United or Manchester United's final game have been picked up by UK broadcasters.

Instead, Sky Sports have opted to have a sickening Jurgen Klopp fest with it being his final game in charge even though the Reds have literally nothing to play for.

And that, dear readers, should tell you everything you need to know about Sky Sports.


The Sky Sports Klopp Love Fest is making us sick already

Maybe the race for sixth isn't huge news, but at least there's something on the line in form of a place in next season's European competition.

Surely there'll be plenty of highlights for Sky Sports to beat us over the head with of Jurgen Klopp's final game in charge that they can play endlessly on repeat on the dedicated Jurgen Klopp channel that they're probably going to launch in his honour.

It's pathetic, you'd think the man had died the way they're going on.