Wed 20 Mar 2024, 09:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle United announce new commercial partner and you can get in on the action next week

Newcastle United announce new commercial partner and you can get in on the action next week
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Newcastle United today confirmed a new commercial partnership with Quidd, a digital collectibles and NFT marketplace which is set to release Newcastle United NFT's next week.

I'm too old to tell you what NFTs are - Non-Fungible Tokens - to me that's just you pay money for something you can't ever touch but it can somehow increase in value.

Anyway, as of 28th March you can get your very own Newcastle United NFT for as little as 79p as the club have teamed up with Quidd in a multi-year partnership as announced via the official site this morning.

Virtual trading cards will be available to purchase from 2pm on 28th March for those who have a blockchain wallet, but you can sign up now and receive an alert when it goes live next week.

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Quidd's Newcastle United NFTs

It's like a Panini sticker book without the stickers or the book

The series will feature over 200 bespoke player cards and with them starting at just 79p the aim is to make it affordable for fans and collectors on any budget.

Chief commercial officer, Peter Silverstone spoke about the new partnership telling

"As Newcastle United's fanbase expands globally, it is important we find new, and innovative, ways to build strong connections with club supporters wherever they are, and across a variety of different platforms.

"This innovative partnership with Quidd will allow us to reach and engage club supporters through an exciting digital collection which will augment our much-anticipated future retail offering."

Newcastle have to be clever with commercial deals thanks to FFP/PSR

We've been given no indication of how much this deal is worth to the club, but it's another example of the club thinking outside of the box in an attempt to grow commercial revenue and thus increase the amount of money we can spend on players.

It was reported last week that the club was set to announce a big commercial deal before the end of the season, but we're not sure if this is it or whether there's another one to come like a training ground or training kit sponsorship deal, both of which we will be expecting to see in the future.

So if you're a Newcastle United fan with a penchant for Crypto and NFTs, now's the time to see those two worlds meet.