Thu 6 Jun 2024, 17:30 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle have until the end of June to sell players to comply with PSR according to Sky Sports

Newcastle have until the end of June to sell players to comply with PSR according to Sky Sports
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Newcastle United have been crying 'poverty' for a while now when asked about potential transfers thanks to Profit and Sustainability Rules.

The rumour has long been that 'the richest club in the world' can't actually afford to sign new players because they've hit the limits under Financial Fair Play.

It's absolutely ludicrous that a club with backers as wealthy as ours could ever be deemed skint, but in real terms under FFP, skint is exactly what we are.

In fact, according to a Sky Sports report, the Magpies, along with five other Premier League clubs need to get some players off the books pronto.

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Miguel Almiron could be sold to bring Newcastle's finances in line with PSR

Amortisation is about to slap Chelsea hard in the face despite hotel sale

The new PSR reporting year starts on 1st July which means any clubs who are over their allowable loss limit for the last three-year period only have until the end of this month to raise funds.

Unfortunately, most clubs don't have hotels they can sell back to themselves wearing a disguise like Chelsea did, so player sales is the easiest way to do it.

Sky Sports claims that, along with Newcastle, Aston Villa, Everton, Nottingham Forest, Leicester City, and still, somehow, Chelsea, all need to shift players before the July deadline.


Sky Sports of course said we'd have to sell Bruno or Isak

Of course, Sky Sports immediately jumped to Newcastle having to sell Bruno Guimaraes or Alexander Isak, but that's absolute codswallop (pardon my French).

Most likely, Newcastle will sell Miguel Almiron or someone of that ilk and that'll be us safe, if indeed we're at risk at all.

The feeling is that Newcastle are close to the limit, but not over the limit so we should be fine, it's just more scaremongering by the mainstream media.

As for the other five, well we know Chelsea will wriggle out of it as they always do but those long contracts are coming back to bite them, Forest and Everton must be bricking it after already picking up points deductions this season, and Leicester are heavily at risk. Villa must be close as they were the ones proposing the limit increase, but they are probably like us, close but safe.