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Eddie Howe addresses speculation around three Newcastle players - he didn't seem confident on one

Eddie Howe addresses speculation around three Newcastle players - he didn't seem confident on one
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Eddie Howe faced the media this morning ahead of tomorrow's FA Cup fourth round tie with Fulham - kick-off is 7pm live on ITV.

Before any talk of the upcoming fixture could take place the gathered journalists took their opportunity to question Eddie Howe about the speculation surrounding his top players over the last week or so.

Kieran Trippier, Miguel Almiron and Callum Wilson have all been heavily linked with moves away from Newcastle and Howe finally had the chance to address the rumours.

Eddie Howe is determined to keep all of his players

Howe outlined his determination to keep all three at the club but he seemed a lot less confident on one of the trio.

Howe considers the Kieran Trippier matter put to bed after Bayern Munich pulled out of the deal, while he is adamant he doesn't want to lose Miguel Almiron, and while reports have suggested the club have been trying to sell him this month, Howe did seem very adamant about him.

The gaffer also started strong when talking about Callum Wilson, but then the end of his answer suggested at potential trouble behind the scenes (via The Chronicle).

"It's been a strange one. A lot of speculation and a lot of it unfounded. From our side, he's a huge part of what we do. We're desperate to get our two strikers fit again. He's nearing a return and looks good. He's getting there. There's no part of me that wants to lose him.

"In every conversation, he's 100 per cent committed. No part of him is looking elsewhere. He's got big ambitions and we want to keep him here. But some things are out of our control. The club is acting with the long-term interests of the club and they have to. Let's see what happens."

What's going on at this club?

That ending suggests that the club and the manager aren't pulling in the same direction and also makes it sound like Wilson's days at Newcastle are numbered with the striker potentially wanting a move and the club keen to grant his wish.

That's all speculation on our end of course, linking dots that may not even be there, but you have to admit, something is going on.

If Eddie Howe is so keen to keep Miguel Almiron, why are The Athletic saying the club have been trying to find him a new club? Is Eddie in on it and just giving media-friendly answers to not disrupt the players? January is doing my swede in! This time next week it'll all be over.

Callum Wilson
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Callum Wilson: Something is off with this