Fri 12 Apr 2024, 18:59 · Ash Harrison

Newcastle United 1-0 Mike Ashley - Sports Direct's court case is not going how they had hoped

Newcastle United 1-0 Mike Ashley - Sports Direct's court case is not going how they had hoped
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Newcastle United have been taken to court this week by former owner Mike Ashley after the club decided not to provide his Sports Direct stores with stock of next season's kit.

Adidas are taking over kit manufacturing duties from Castore at the end of this season in a move that sees the last piece of Mike Ashley's reign removed from the club.

The current kit deal with the burgeoning sportswear manufacturer was so far below market value it was almost as if Mike Ashley was allergic to money.

Then the fact that the customer service from the supplier was so poor that fans were receiving shirts months after ordering them, some even had their Newcastle kits arrive in Rangers packaging.


Mike Ashley: Charged into legal action before thinking things through

So as fans get excited for the upcoming Adidas deal, the club has moved to strike an exclusivity deal with JD Sports which will see Newcastle's kits next season sold exclusively in club shops and by JD Sports, a move which has left Mike Ashley fuming.

So much so that Sports Direct have taken the club to court claiming the move is anti-competitive. Ignoring the fact that many other clubs have similar deals with other outlets.

Perhaps he should have done a bit more research as it would have avoided the embarrassment that is befallen him this week.


'Panel unanimous' - You love to see it

In a brief, but satisfying update, Jacob Whitehead has confirmed that Newcastle have won the initial stages of the court case with the panel unanimous in its decision.

"NEW: #NUFC victorious in initial stage of court proceedings against Sports Direct.

"Mike Ashley’s retailer fails to secure injunction ordering club to supply them with next season’s Adidas kit.

"Panel unanimous."

It's hardly a surprise, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious. Back in your box, Mike.