Thu 9 Nov 2023, 00:00 · Ash Harrison

Report: More anti-Newcastle measures to be discussed at this month's Premier League owners meeting

Report: More anti-Newcastle measures to be discussed at this month's Premier League owners meeting
Premier League
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The Premier League owners are at it again trying anything they can to keep the status quo and stop Newcastle from progressing.

This week it was revealed that the Premier League owners are going to vote on 21st November to temporarily ban clubs loaning players from other clubs with the same owner. The vote needs 14 of the 20 clubs to agree to it, and it's likely that it will go through.

It all comes about after Newcastle were linked with a loan move for Al-Hilal's Ruben Neves to cover for the absence of Sandro Tonali, although Simon Jordan may try and convince you otherwise.

The Premier League owners are at it again

Now The Daily Mail are reporting that they will also discuss implementing tougher regulation on sponsorship deals where the club is connected in some way to the sponsor, once again, clearly aimed at Newcastle to stop them from bringing in more commercial revenue.

Nick De Marco
Nick De Marco
We need to get this man, Nick De Marco, Sports Lawyer extraordinaire on the case.

The current "fair market value" regulations were brought in to stop Newcastle bringing in a Saudi sponsor to skirt Financial Fair Play regulations, and as such have had to settle with a £25million deal with Sela for front-of-shirt sponsorship and a £200million deal with Adidas to make the kits from next year. Both deals are miles behind those of the "big six".

The new regulations will mean that clubs will now also have to prove that if they're looking to be sponsored by a company with links the club's owners, they must now also prove that they have had offers of a similar value.

This will once again not affect the big clubs as they already have these mammoth deals in place, so their starting point is way beyond what Newcastle's will be.

At some point the Premier League officials have to see what's going on

It's once again, the other teams in the league being scared of change. The smaller clubs don't want another behemoth to contend with and the "big six" are bricking it at one of them will drop out or they will have to become the "big seven".

Newcastle will of course find ways around this as they always do, but you have to ask yourself, at what point can we go to the Premier League and ask them how they think it's fair to keep allowing the other owners to bring these regulations in which are clearly aimed at one specific club?

The agenda is very real. I've never bought into the conspiracies before, but honestly, the evidence is overwhelming.