Thu 9 Nov 2023, 14:27 · Ash Harrison

‘I don’t think’: Simon Jordan's latest Newcastle rant is so unbelievably flawed it's laughable

‘I don’t think’: Simon Jordan's latest Newcastle rant is so unbelievably flawed it's laughable
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Simon Jordan has now said that the potential new rule coming into the Premier League is nothing to do with Newcastle United ...

... and then goes on to argue a point that totally backs up the fact that it IS to do with Newcastle.

Simon Jordan is a strange character. Either he's paid by TalkSPORT to be a contrarian and therefore has to think up counter-arguments to every popular opinion in order to create 'good radio', or he just likes making a chesticle of himself.

The Premier League are definitely trying to scupper Newcastle's progress

News broke yesterday that the Premier League owners are set to vote on 21st November to block clubs with the same owners from loaning players between their owned clubs.

It comes right on the back of Newcastle reportedly being interested in loaning Ruben Neves from PIF-backed Al-Hilal to cover the loss of Sandro Tonali for the rest of the season.

Manchester City have been doing it for years with no issues, Brighton do it, Watford have done it when they've been in the Premier League but suddenly when "big six threat" Newcastle want to do it it's a bad thing.

Despite all the evidence pointing towards it being a reaction to Newcastle (like the fair market value for sponsorships rule was), Simon Jordan has argued that it's not.

This just doesn't make sense to us

Jordan argued on TalkSPORT that it's a response to the rise of the Saudi Pro League.

“The argument about multi-club ownership has always been a flawed one as far as I’m concerned.
“What is the point of financial governance if you’re going to be able to find ways around it like dumping players into Saudi that get them off your balance sheet then Saudi loaning them back to clubs in this country to get around FFP. I don’t think it’s anything to do with Newcastle, I think it’s to do with the rise of Saudi. It just happens to be a timing issue that Saudi have now become a pro football league that people can dump their players in left, right and centre.”

His argument then, is that the move is to stop clubs from being able to benefit from the players other Premier League clubs have dumped into the Saudi league to skirt FFP ... and how is that then not a reaction to Newcastle? Newcastle is the only Premier League club with the same owners as teams in the Saudi League, this "reaction to Saudi" only affects Newcastle United, so how on God's green Earth is this not about Newcastle?

Usually, I can give credit to Simon Jordan for making a coherent argument even when I don't agree with him, but I can't stop scratching my head off this one. Even his co-host Jim White seemed baffled.

I need a lie down.