Sun 28 Apr 2024, 18:34 · Ash Harrison

Next season's 'leaked' Newcastle United Adidas kits now available to order on knock-off website

Next season's 'leaked' Newcastle United Adidas kits now available to order on knock-off website
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Newcastle United's switch from Castore to Adidas is a little over a month away with final kit designs yet to be seen.

However, a number of outlets are posting pictures of 'leaked' kits and declaring high percentages of accuracy. I think it's safe to say that the designs we've seen will be the ones we can expect to be sporting next season, albeit with a few extra flourishes that we've not yet been made aware of.

In fact, confidence seems to be so high that Chinese site DHGate, famed for its cheap replicas of replica kits, which often look pretty close to the legit ones unless you look at the two side-by-side, is already selling all three Adidas kits.

The black and white home kit, blue and maroon hooped kit and the white, green and black kit are all available for purchase.


Next season's kits are available to buy ... from China

X user RobM (@Im_RobM) spotted the update and shared it with his followers on Sunday.

The images the site uses show the kits with no club or manufacturer badges, but that's often the case, the actual kits will come fully badged.

However, it's worth noting that DH Gate have done this before where they have gone into production with designs that ultimately turned out to be false, so you could grab yourself something quite unique if the mood grabs you.


We'll wait for the legit ones, thanks

We're still excited to see the real deal as we're expecting that there will be more than meets the eye in the designs, little details that the leaks haven't shown that really take the shirts to the next level.

Newcastle fan and kit designer, Craig Burglass advised Adidas on the new kit designs and recently said that Adidas have been really clever with what they've done, which hints that there's a lot more in store than just black and white stripes.

More so than that, we can't wait to see what else the Adidas range will have to offer. This new partnership is going to be huge for Newcastle, and the revenue that could be generated will be massive - if people don't just buy knock-offs from DHGate.