Thu 26 Oct 2023, 20:45 · Ash Harrison

Watch: Borussia Dortmund pay the penalty after win over Newcastle United

Watch: Borussia Dortmund pay the penalty after win over Newcastle United
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After going down to a narrow defeat on a night where the ball just did not want to do as it was told, Newcastle fans can maybe have a chuckle at Borussia Dortmund's expense today.

Newcastle suffered their first Champions League defeat in 20 years last night, going down to a single Felix Nmecha goal on the stroke of half-time.

The Magpies tried and tried to find the equaliser but kept finding the goalkeeper's torso and the crossbar instead.

Tyneside after a Newcastle defeat is rarely a fun place to be

A frustrating night ended in defeat which means that the mood on Tyneside today hasn't been the best.

While it's never right to laugh at someone else's misfortune, the Germans have a word for it so they must do it all the time, which means that it's okay for us to have a chuckle at their expense today.

We need it after last night.

It's not exactly a Champions League point but it'll do for now

So here. Here's a clip of the Borussia Dortmund bus getting slapped with a parking ticket in Tynemouth after taking up many parking bays. Thanks to fcbusiness Magazine on X and to Josh Valks, who originally posted the video on Facebook.

Okay, so it doesn't make up for the three points we dropped in our own back garden, but it'll do to lift the spirits a wee bit until we seek our revenge in Dortmund in two weeks.