Sat 23 Dec 2023, 11:34 · Ash Harrison

'Very cocky': John Giles now says 'sensational' Newcastle man is the architect of his own demise

'Very cocky': John Giles now says 'sensational' Newcastle man is the architect of his own demise
The Sun
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Former Leeds United legend John Giles has now suggested that Kieran Trippier's attitude is the reason his form has dipped.

Speaking the Off The Ball podcast, the 83-year-old pundit gave a really hot take on Kieran Trippier's recent poor form.

We have been guilty of pointing the finger at Kieran Trippier, and justifiably so, we feel. His errors have cost us points and now a place in the Carabao Cup semi-final. We feel that there's something going on behind the scenes that's causing this dip in form, whether it be a personal matter or simply that he's mentally exhausted, we don't know.

Tripps may be his own worst enemy, but he's not cocky

We have also said that Trippier is the kind of player who will want to correct his mistakes and will therefore not be the type to give up, he won't go to Eddie Howe and ask for a break, he's too prideful, too committed and too professional.

Kieran Trippier
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Kieran Trippier needs a break whether he agrees or not

One thing he's not, is cocky. He's confident, definitely, and he has every right to be given how good he's been for Newcastle since he arrived. Alan Shearer even went as far as to call him 'sensational' and we can't disagree.

However, John Giles believes that the £12million signing has become over-confident.

John Giles has a poor take on Trippier's woes

“Trippier is having a nightmare at the moment. It will be a bit down to tiredness, but I do find Trippier to be a very cocky boy. He’s up for corners and he’s up for this and that, and sometimes when you’re doing what he’s doing and doing it well you get a bit too cocky, and I think that’s what’s happened to him and his confidence has gone. He’s had a nightmare the last four or five matches, but he likes a bit too much of himself, too cocky at times.”

Cocky is definitely not the word we'd use to describe Tripps. He's 'up for corners and this and that' because that's his role. That's what Eddie Howe wants him to do and because more often than not he delivers a good ball.

Kieran Trippier, as fantastic as he has been for Newcastle, is not above criticism, but if you're going to criticise, at least make it something that makes sense.