Wed 8 Nov 2023, 19:19 · Ash Harrison

Report: Premier League clubs set to vote on rule change to hinder Newcastle in January

Report: Premier League clubs set to vote on rule change to hinder Newcastle in January
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The bitter Premier League rivals are at it again trying to change the rules in order to stop Newcastle United from breaking into that "big six".

A report in The Daily Mail has said that Premier League shareholders are now set to vote to ban loan deals between clubs with the same owner.

It's a move that is quite clearly been thrown together in an attempt to stop Newcastle United from loaning players from the Saudi Pro League with the club reportedly interested in Ruben Neves from PIF-owned Al-Hilal.

The Premier League will stop at nothing to halt Newcastle's growth

The vote will take place on 21st November and requires 14 of the 20 teams in the league to agree to the rule change for it to pass and it's highly likely the vote will go through.

Ruben Neves
Francois Nel via Getty Images
Ruben Neves has been considered as a loan option for Newcastle

Manchester City has a network of clubs they own in order to make trading between them, and therefore developing players up to a higher level easier.

Red Bull own New York in the MLS, Salzburg in Austria and Leipzig in Germany and they trade players freely between the three.

Suddenly when Newcastle look at doing something similar, it's a huge problem.

If Newcastle were truly trying to 'ruin' the game there are better players they could loan

PIF-owned clubs in Saudi have Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Roberto Firminho, Gabri Veiga and on and on, but it's Ruben Neves the former Wolverhampton Wanderers we are looking at as a loan move.

The point is, if we were just looking to exploit the club connections, we could do so with a huge name to make a point, but all we want is a reliable player with Premier League experience to get us through the rest of the season after January while we can't field Sandro Tonali.

It really is becoming quite pathetic how the other Premier League clubs are reacting to our takeover led by Amanda Staveley and backed by the PIF. FFP is already throttling us, and the other clubs voted in a "fair market value" rule for sponsorship deals to stop us from using PIF-owned companies as Sponsors for inflated prices - you know, like other clubs have been doing for years.

The smaller clubs who vote this through are cutting their nose off to spite their face

The irony is, that they're all messing things up for themselves. As much as they will say otherwise right now, every club would love a takeover like ours, and if that day ever comes for them now, they're knackered because they will have systematically blocked any move that makes a big-money takeover worthwhile.

Big investors will now start to look elsewhere as even the deepest of pockets won't be able to change the fortunes of a club.

It's absolutely pathetic by the Premier League's other owners and it all just serves to preserve the status quo of the so-called "big six" who absolutely cannot stand the idea of another challenger on their turf as they're probably still plotting to try and break away and form a Super League again.