Sun 29 Oct 2023, 12:29 · Ash Harrison

Mike Ashley’s helicopter has been spotted at Reading FC sparking takeover rumours

Mike Ashley’s helicopter has been spotted at Reading FC sparking takeover rumours
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Fans of Reading Football Club are bracing themselves for news of a potential takeover by former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley.

Reading currently sit rock bottom of League One so in that sense have little to lose, but after fans spotted a helicopter in the Madejski Stadium with "Frasers Group" plastered on the side, rumours began to swirl online that Mike Ashley could be looking to buy the club.

The story has been picked up by The Reading Chronicle too.

Some Reading fans seem weirdly optimistic about Ashley

One fan told his fellow supporters:

"Don't get sucked in by the Geordie view. He wasn't a bad owner."

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, obviously, but ignoring a huge fanbase like ours that was almost entirely in agreement about Ashley's tenure is not the best idea.

Things obviously aren't great at Reading. They're sliding down the leagues like the Banana Splits, but putting Michael James Wallace Ashley on a pedestal is a recipe for disaster.

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An image to haunt your dreams tonight

Good luck, Reading, but don't say we didn't warn you

In reality, yes, he could stabilise the club, but that's as far as it will go. He'll balance the books and they will stay that way.

The Madejski Stadium will become The Sports Direct Arena 2.0 either in name or more likely just by the number of advertising boards that go up.

We wouldn't wish Mike Ashley on anyone, not even Sunderland, but if Reading fans want to get excited over the prospect of being Balance Sheet Champions 2024 then we'll let them crack on.