Thu 16 May 2024, 09:00 · Ash Harrison

'I don't see the point in it': Anthony Gordon didn't hold back with his feelings on VAR after Man U defeat

'I don't see the point in it': Anthony Gordon didn't hold back with his feelings on VAR after Man U defeat
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Newcastle United suffered a sickening defeat at Old Trafford on Wednesday night and while they were architects of their own demise they weren't helped by VAR.

Just before Manchester United and Newcastle kicked off on Wednesday, it came to light that Wolverhampton Wanderers had put forward a proposal to scrap VAR next season deeming it to be detrimental to the game.

We did a piece on it effectively agreeing with the points Wolves made and then, as if it was scripted, VAR went and proved exactly why it is in desperate need of an overhaul if not being scrapped at all.

In the first half at Old Trafford, Anthony Gordon went tearing into the box for Newcastle with Man United midfielder Amrabat all over him before he was ultimately felled while Casemiro cleared the ball away.


Gordon says he can forgive the ref for not seeing it in real-time

In real-time it was iffy and a difficult one for the referee to spot, but VAR looked at it and decided that there wasn't enough there to give the penalty. That is despite the fact that Amrabat had his arms all over Gordon and then went down his achilles with his studs, tearing his socks and breaking the skin.

After the game, Gordon was interviewed by Sky Sports and asked about the incident and the England winger did not mince his words when it came to VAR.

"Really sore. I'm not too sure how good my ankle will be. I've watched the incident back and it's a clear penalty. I don't mind the referee getting it wrong on the pitch because it's a difficult decision when things are happening really quickly.

"But I don't understand what the point of VAR is then? Because it's there to correct mistakes, he goes down my achilles and then pushes me in the back. Then Casemiro comes and gets the ball, but there are two fouls before that. I honestly don't see the point in it."

Gordon was confident that the penalty would be given

Gordon continues to make the point saying that he didn't protest on the pitch because he felt confident VAR would make the right call, even telling his teammates not to worry as it's a clear penalty.

Obviously, VAR didn't give it and Gordon was left fuming.

It's another case for Wolverhampton Wanderers to bring up at the Premier League AGM on 6th June and another reason why the clubs should be voting with them.