Mon 18 Dec 2023, 16:43 · Ash Harrison

Club breaks down the ticket allocation for the FA Cup clash with Sunderland amid mass confusion

Club breaks down the ticket allocation for the FA Cup clash with Sunderland amid mass confusion
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The tin foil hats were out in force again today as wild conspiracies blew through the Newcastle United fanbase regarding the allocation of tickets for the FA Cup clash with Sunderland.

First off. Sorry about the featured image, it makes sense for the story but we know it can cause nausea.

Recently Newcastle United fans celebrated as their number was drawn from the bowl to face Sunderland in the third round of the FA Cup. The draw now means we will have the first Wear/Tyne derby in seven years.

Since our friends from down the road went on a tour of the English Football League, there have been no local derbies for fans to sink their teeth into. For a while they weren't really missed as the Magpies' recent record against that lot wasn't great.

Newcastle will take 6000 fans to the Stadium of Light

Now, however, we've got new owners, a supremely competent manager and a squad that will run through walls for each other. It's our time to shine and, despite all of the injury woes, we'll be looking to put them Mackems firmly back in their box.

It's no surprise then, that tickets for this game would be a hot commodity, and initially, it was looking like only 2500 Geordies would get to take in the game within the Stadium of Light, but the club have now negotiated with the authorities and secured an allocation of 6000 tickets.

Today, though, there were a number of theories being passed around like <insert politically correct term for Chinese whispers here> and the number of tickets being held back by the club for hospitality grew with each mention.

The club have broken down the hospitality allocation

Thankfully, the club have now clarified the matter on X via Lee Marshall and a super thread that shows exactly how the allocation works and they even clarified the situation with ticket touts and third-party sellers.

Marshall also points out that in order for Newcastle to get the 6000 allocation rather than the 2500 first offered, the club is having to spend over £100k of its own money and isn't passing that cost on to fans in any way.

It has been another lesson in the power of social media and how lies always seem to spread faster than the truth.