Wed 10 Apr 2024, 14:59 · Ash Harrison

Bruno Guimaraes can avoid a two-match ban even if he gets booked against Tottenham on Saturday

Bruno Guimaraes can avoid a two-match ban even if he gets booked against Tottenham on Saturday
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Bruno Guimaraes just has to make it through another 90 minutes without picking up a yellow card to avoid a two-game suspension.

We said yesterday how impressive it is that Bruno Guimaraes has gone 13 games walking the tightrope whereby if he picks up another yellow card he'd be hit with an automatic two-match ban for accumulating 10 yellow cards this season.

That counter resets for Bruno at the full-time whistle on Saturday so Bruno is free to commit his crimes of passion once again.

What has been truly remarkable is how having to be a good boy for so long hasn't really affected his game. Perhaps it has been a good exercise for the feisty Brazilian.


If Bruno picks up a booking he might as well get another one while he's on

However, should Bruno find himself going into the referee's book on Saturday, all is not lost as he can get his ban reduced to just one game.

How can he do this? By emulating his teammate, Anthony Gordon and picking up a last-minute second yellow and getting sent off.

When a player receives two yellow cards, and thus is shown a red, it's the red card that is counted and the yellows are forgotten. So Bruno, who goes into the game on Saturday on nine yellow cards, could pick up two yellows (and a red resulting in a one-match ban) and still be counted as being on nine yellows.


We do love a good loophole

Given that the Spurs game is the threshold for the 10 yellows, he'd serve the one-match ban and then not be at risk of the two-game ban anymore.

It's confusing, stupid and a magnificent loophole that could see Bruno picking up the most pointless sending-off of his career if he gets booked for anything on Saturday.

Obviously, the best outcome is to just keep his nose clean again and not have to serve any ban at all, but at least there's an option if things go wrong.