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'A million per cent': Sean Longstaff already knows where he wants to end his football career

'A million per cent': Sean Longstaff already knows where he wants to end his football career
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At only 26 Sean Longstaff has quite a way to go before thinking about his retirement from football, but that hasn't stopped the Newcastle United midfielder from planning it out.

The downside of football is that it's a very short career with retirement usually occurring somewhere in a player's thirties, maybe early forties if they're super fit ... or a goalkeeper, so it does make sense that even at a young age, retirement is something that will be on a player's mind.

That's partly why there's such a "mercenary" culture with players making moves just for the money - at least that's how it's seen from a loyal fan's point of view - in reality, it's just somebody going to a new job, nobody gets called worse than poop for leaving McDonald's to go work at Burger King for better money.

With such a short career it makes sense that you maximise your earning potential. Of course, there's a select few players who would rather stay at a club they love for less money, and that's admirable. There's nothing wrong with choosing happiness either.

1 Longstaff Brothers
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Sean wants to follow Matty to Toronto

Sean had told Dan Ashworth where he wants to see out his career

While Sean Longstaff has no intention of leaving Newcastle United in the near future, he does know where he'd like to eventually end up, telling FourFourTwo that he has his eye on a particular MLS side.

“It’s funny actually: the boss of Toronto, John Herdman, was here not long ago. I met him and was then talking to Dan Ashworth, saying, ‘Just so you know, I want to play for Toronto before I retire – two, three years in Toronto please.’

“Being from Newcastle, it’s football first and foremost, but we went to ice hockey training a lot. You soon work out which one you’re better at. It sounds bad, but there’s loads more money to be made in England playing football!"

When asked if that's where he saw himself retiring, Longstaff said:

“Oh, a million per cent. In an ideal world, that’s how it’ll end. That’s where I want to retire, so maybe that could happen, but hopefully I’ve got plenty of years left in me here.”


Matty has already made the move to Toronto

Sean's brother Matty has just signed for Toronto after being released from Newcastle. The younger Longstaff was injured when the decision was made to let him go, but the club allowed him to stick around and use the club's facilities to ensure he fully recovered, which was a lovely touch by the club.

Sean Longstaff has become one of the first names on the team sheet under Eddie Howe after almost being forced out of the club by Steve Bruce.

He's been playing with an injury for a large part of this season and it's showing, but Howe is still sticking by the Geordie which shows how much the gaffer thinks of him.