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Spurs, Saints and Chelsea moved for TV, Burn speaks to 5Live, Pledge scheme reaction

by Matt · Published Tue 13 Sept 2022, 21:36
Spurs, Saints and Chelsea moved for TV, Burn speaks to 5Live, Pledge scheme reaction


Matches moved

  • The club has confirmed that three games have been moved for television:
  • Spurs (a): Sunday 23 October 4:30pm
  • Southampton (a): Sunday 6 November 2pm
  • Chelsea (h): Saturday 12 November 5:30pm
  • All fixtures will be broadcast on Sky Sports

Burn on Howe and competition

Wilson still raging over VAR

On his podcast with Mikhail Antonio:

“We’re still having those debates even though we have VAR so what’s the point of VAR because it’s taking a lot of passion out of the game anyway as it is?" Wilson said. "And then to even still have decisions that they’re getting wrong and still have question marks and then still having to come out and apologise to clubs like Newcastle for making the decision that the referee obviously on the day felt he made that decision.

“It was the same referee who gave us our prep talk pre-season who kind of came in and said that they’re going to be a little bit more lenient and things like that and I just feel that over the weekend, to get two points taken away from us for that decision and ultimately, that could have led to us losing as well.”

Reaction to Trust's Pledge decision

What else?

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Bruno enjoying the Ponteland Road traffic