Fri 20 Oct 2023, 14:30 · Ash Harrison

Rumour: 'Brilliant' 25-year-old Newcastle player could miss Crystal Palace clash due to illness

Rumour: 'Brilliant' 25-year-old Newcastle player could miss Crystal Palace clash due to illness
Serena Taylor/Newcastle United Football Club
Share Tweet has learned that a crucial Newcastle midfielder has been ill this week and may not make the squad tomorrow.

We don't claim to be an internet ITK, but when we find something out from a reliable source it would be crazy for us to not pass that information on, but we will stress again, we are not an "in the know" wannabe so it's up to you what you do with the information.

That being said, we have found out today from a source close to 'brilliant' Newcastle midfielder Sean Longstaff that the 25-year-old has been battling with tonsilitis this week and as a result may miss out on the game against Crystal Palace.

Howe made no mention of Longstaff in his presser this morning

Nothing was mentioned about it by Eddie Howe this morning in his press conference and for some reason the club have not released their usual gallery of pictures from training this week, so we can't confirm if he was indeed present for preparations.

Sean Longstaff
Longy could miss tomorrow's game

If it does turn out to be true then it's another big blow for Eddie Howe who can't seem to catch a break when it comes to fielding his first-choice XI.

Just as he gets Joelinton back, he now potentially loses Sean Longstaff.

It might be worth benching Longstaff in your FPL team this weekend

Sandro Tonali is 50/50 with Howe having to make a call on whether he is mentally fit enough to play tomorrow, but he does have Elliot Anderson to call on, so while it will be a shame to lose Longstaff, Howe does still have options.

Last season there was a marked difference in results when Longstaff played versus when he was missing, so not having him fit is always a cause for concern.

If you play FPL and have Longy in there, it might be worth benching him just in case.